Reduce Stress

Stress Whether it is the holiday season or just daily living, Stress can Affect You! Don’t think you are immune to it. With so many problems with working, paying bills, trying to organize family functions, taking the kids to lessons, you will get stressed and you. Relora will also help you sleep better and lots of times people lack sleep and the stress factor really increases. Exercise!! Read CALMING books or listen to relaxing music. What ever you do, take the time to NOTICE when you are STRESSED and do something about it. Everyone around you will thank you.

5 Common Sense Weight Loss Secrets

1. We all hear about Fiber and yet disregard it. WHY? Today the foods we eat are processed so much that the fiber is taken out. White Breads, Pastries, Pasta’s, etc., are easy foods to eat but lack Fiber. In our Fast Paced life it is easy to grab a box of ready made, low fiber foods. Take the time to buy wholegrain breads, wholegrain pasta and drop the Pastries. Grain Fiber and Fruit Fiber can make you feel fuller while helping to remove Bad Cholesterol. 2. Weigh yourself Every Day I know that some people say that this will discourage you if you gain a pound but it also makes YOU responsible for your weight. 3. Drink Hoodia and Green Tea Both of these teas help speed up your metabolism and help burn fat. Don’t use Sugar. If you have to slowly cut back, then cut your sugar in half until you get used to drinking your beverage without Sugar. The average person is consuming close to 150 pounds of sugar per year. No wonder we gain weight! 4. Exercise I know, you hear this all the time!! Try to touch your toes, sit ups, walking, or any form of exercise you like even if it is only 5 minutes a day!! Your body will and lose weight!

Too Much Sugar

Everything we eat lately seems to have sugar. Why have we got so Sweet Struck? Results of many tests show that eating too much sugar promotes many sicknesses and debilitating diseases. Not only will your immune system get weaker but this brings down your natural fighters in your body There is even Sugar in Ketchup and think of how many children use this daily. How will their bodies fight back? When children get accustomed to the sweet taste, they keep wanting it and as adults it will keep getting worse. How many times have you you can for yourself and your family. That is a Good Start!!

Stress and Hobbies

While watching my Mother in Law do her sewing for her Grandchildren I realize that this is her way of relaxing. Not only is she sewing for her family but she joined a Womens Sewing Club that sews for Charity. Whenever some family needs some clothing or there is a fire, etc. they sew to the exact size of what that family needs. Not only is she helping people but she is meeting with like-minded individuals and hours daily!! You have to have a hobby to relax and get away from it all Stress is one of the highest health risks and people have to learn to deal with it. Take the time to clear your mind and do something you enjoy at least once a week! Do it while you have the time and health as some day you might not be able to do some of the physical things required in whatever hobby you choose.

Too Many Carbs

Eating too Many Carbs Most people eat too many carbs and their insulin resistance can’t keep up with their blood sugar spikes. You want your carbs to feed your muscles not store fat. If you are having a coffee in the morning, sprinkle in a little cinnamon and that will help regulate your blood sugar levels. Cinnamon will increase the sugar metabolism and stop the carbs from becoming fat. Alpha Lipoic Acid will also help control blood sugar levels. Cleanse your Liver and it will create more bile which will filter out the fats and help normalize your blood sugar. Fenugreek is also very good to take as it will increase you HDL Cholesterol and because of the you should be able to keep your weight down and enjoy more energy

Weight Loss Tips

Tips for Weight Loss Today there are more ways promoted to lose weight than ever before. Do you want some simple steps to start? Drink plenty of Water when you feel hungry Stay away from Soda whether it is Diet or not. Start each with a Good Breakfast Stay away from eating chips, salty snacks, etc. Take supplements like Green Tea, Garcinia Cambogia Take Omega 3 Oils, (Flax, Fish, etc.) Do some simple exercises Walk each day and try to go further each week Put less food on your plate than before and leave some behind


Infertility I was recently reading about the affects of GMO modified food and infertility and was alarmed. It seems in tests on mice, the infertility of them drops drastically when they are fed GMO food products. Maybe this is why there has been so much talk lately about the reduction in male sperm counts? Is this why there is a reduction in Female fertility? There has been a lot of discussion on plastic bottles and that by itself was being blamed for infertility but this adds to the problem. Too many foods are modified now and Corn is one of the highest GMO products and that is used in High Glucose Corn Syrup which is in most foods today. That means that most people are getting the GMO food in their system whether they want it or not. Try to watch what you eat and what you feed your children. Until Next Time Yours in Health Roy Sangster


Gout Most people get a swollen big toe when the onset of gout appears but it can happen in any joints in the body. The pain can be extensive and many people cannot put on a shoe because of the pain. One easy way to start relieving pain is to drink plenty of Water and Not Coffee or Soft Drinks. The water will help flush out the uric acid in your body. The big cause of gout is Inflammation which is also cause for numerous problems. When there is an increase in Uric Acid, it plays havoc on the Kidneys, Cholesterol, Diabetes plus other problems. Eat lots of Cherries on a regular basis to help keep Gout away. Drink Cherry Juice also for reducing Uric Acid. This is way more potent in Concentrate form and better for you. Exercise is also a good way to reduce the uric acid and help relieve the kidneys. Any natural Green Drink or supplements such as Alfalfa are also good for cleaning the blood system and neutralizing the pain of gout. Turmeric is also good for inflammation so all of these can help improve your condition if you apply them with your exercise routine.